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Talking about the ecological footprint people leave on this earth; we are interested in positive traces people leave around. With TRACES we bring you artists and musicians who leave their cultural footprints... cultural traces. Traces to feed the imagination.

For this reason we started a free paper journal on art and music. With Traces we give attention to interesting visual art and music from around the world. We do this on paper so you can get away from the computer screen and relax and sit back comfortable and enjoy the printed words. With TRACES we will leave some cultural traces for you to find, follow and nourish...

TRACES is for free, or available for just postage costs, at some selected independent record shops, webshops and art galleries. Below is a list of where to get TRACES.

TRACES was founded in 2010 and is run by M. from Enfant Terrible and J. from Seja. The first issue appeared in March 2011.


Issue#2 - December 2011

TRACES #2 December 2011

Get Traces #2 here:

Ee Tapes (label/webshop, BE)

Enfant Terrible (label/webshop, NL)

Kurzwellen (label/webshop, NL)

Plastic Frog Records (label/webshop, DE)

Romance Moderne (webshop, BE)

Seja (label/webshop, NL)

Suction Records (label/webshop, US)

Zerohour/Doom & Glamour (label/webshop, NZ)




Traces #1 March 2011


TRACES #1 is completely gone!
The good news is:
you can download the web version here!

Advertisers #1:

- Antenne (shop, NL)

- Apop (shop/webshop, USA/worldwide)

- Enfant Terrible (webshop, NL/worldwide)

- Kernkrach (webshop, D/worldwide)

- Rush Hour (shop/webshop, NL/worldwide)

- Seja (webshop, NL/worldwide)

- Tonefloat (webshop, NL/worldwide)

- Treue Um Treue (webshop, D/worldwide)

- Wool-E-Shop (shop/webshop, B/worldwide)