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Salon d'Electrique
(Organisatie: Seja Records in samenwerking met De Werkplaats)

Salon d'Electrique




Two electronic/experimental musical initiatives from Amersfoort; Seja records and De Werkplaats joined hands and are proud to present three very special acts. An evening with minimalistic, experimental, raw, industrial and even very danceable electronic synth-pop. Three bands this night: PSYCHE (Canada/Germany), VENIN CARMIN (from La Douce France) and CRVR/CREVER (Netherlands) take the stage at FLUOR café, Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Great music and it's even fun to watch too!


Elektronische Avant-garde met een saus van dansbare synth-pop
De twee Amersfoortse muziekinitiatieven Seja Records en De Werkplaats hebben de handen ineen geslagen en presenteren vanavond drie heel bijzondere acts. Het is dansbaar, soms rauw en industrieel en het is ook nog eens heel lekker om naar te kijken. Drie bands: PSYCHE uit Canada/Duitsland, VENIN CARMIN uit La Douce France en CREVER uit Nederland vullen het podium in het FLUOR Café.
De twee broers Darrin en Stephen Huss begonnen in 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada met hun toentertijd zeer ongebruikelijke en nog niet eerder gehoorde synth-pop. Hun debuutalbum 'Insomnia Theatre' werd wereldwijd uitgebracht en sindsdien is de band, op het podium in een steeds wisselende formatie, in de wereld van de dansbare elektronische muziek een niet weg te denken begrip.
Venin Carmin
Met het debuutalbum 'Glam is Gone' op Seja records is deze Franse dame lekker op weg naam te maken. Post-punk met een snufje new-wave en dat gecombineerd met teksten die gaan over verveling, seks en stukgelopen relaties maken het tot een spannend geheel. Eigenwijs en eigentijds zorgen ervoor dat je je geen seconde hoeft te vervelen: er valt genoeg te horen, maar ook zeker te zien.
Industriële 'Noise' van Nederlandse bodem. Oprichter Joey Beentjes laat zich inspireren door de typische geluiden die machines produceren en hij maakt daar, vaak samen met andere artiesten, prachtige doorwrochte composities mee. Crever trapt af tijdens Salon d'Electrique.
Wanneer: Zaterdag 21 mei
Hoe laat: 21.00 uur (zaal open 20.15 uur)
Waar: Fluor033, Oliemolenhof 22 in Amersfoort


It all started at the end of 1982 as brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss performed for the first time in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada under the name PSYCHE. A combination of horror and electronics that in the area of Western Canada was completely unheard of and would continue to be quite shocking for some time. By the time of their highlight performance as support to Britain's ALIEN SEX FIEND in 1984! Later PSYCHE secured a record deal with the Paris, France label NEW ROSE Records. Rave reviews in English press such as NME and Melody Maker, plus overseas record sales persuaded PSYCHE that it might be worth their while to try their luck in Europe.
PSYCHE had the honour of performing for nearly 2,000 psychotic electro fans as the support of the world's first known synth duo, the legendary SUICIDE! This, a roaring success at Paris' Elysee Montmarte catapulted PSYCHE quickly to grandiose levels.
PSYCHE achieved the European breakthrough they needed to go on a proper tour. And that they did, performing throughout France, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, and eventually Germany playing together which such illustrious artists as DIE FORM, NEON JUDGEMENT, YOUNG GODS, CLAN OF XYMOX, THE WEATHERMEN, and even again with ALIEN SEX FIEND! With the album "Mystery Motel" PSYCHE finally got attention on radio, released two singles, "Uncivilized" and "Eternal" and even got video play on several programs in Germany, and France with the filmed in 16mm clip to "Eternal".
Throughout the years PSYCHE exists in varying line-ups. Up to now! With more than a dozen of culthit dancefloor killers, alternated with slightly melancholic electro tunes PSYCHE with Darrin Huss and Stefan Rabura will perform at FLUOR café, Amersfoort.


Venin Carmin

‘Glam Is Gone’ is the vinyl debut of the French multi-instrumentalist Venin Carmin and is released by Seja records in 2015. Apparantly for a good reason the band recorded the album at 'Death To Majors Studio’, for these lady and 1 boy are averse to conventions. Venin Carmin has clear references in the New Wave and Post-punk of the eighties but manages to transfer this just as well with a modern twist. That makes "Glam Is Gone" into a contemporary album. The lyrics, written from a female perspective, are about relationships, boredom, sex and violence. Sung in a naive kind of way they are occasionally caustic in its observations. Venin Carmin debuts with an album full of goodies that changes flavor before you have in mind. It easily can put you on the wrong track. These fashionable goodlooking rebellious youngsters will put up a show in which is plenty to hear and see. So enjoy!



CREVER is a Dutch industrial noise project founded by Joey H. Beentjes at the end of 2011. The music and noises were influenced by industrial machinery and early industrial artists. After the debut release in 2012, Crever collaborates with several (inter)national artists to perform on cultural events and live concerts. CREVER kicks off at Salon d'Electrique.


Salon D'Electrique


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