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The REUTERS made it to #43 at the Dutch Snob 2000! (2019)
Listen here to Pinguin Radio's Snob 2000, #51 up to and including #42 at: Mixcloud
The Reuters



Sunday 17th of November 14.00 - 17.00 uur
LOGMAN gallery, Nobelstraat 16, 3512 EN Utrecht, NL

NEL MERTENS is connected to the exhibition as co-curator of "SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER".
"Since I was thirteen I have been passionate about music and especially in the rock, metal, gothic, new wave and punk scene. As a mother, writer of poetry and care coordinator in two Ghent Freinet schools, music continues to occupy a very important part of my life. From the idea that we have to experience life as art, she likes to take you through her stream of words."
Nel Mertens will recite poetry from her book '(S)trapped' among others.

KATIE KRUEL will perform a semi-acoustic set under the moniker "Kruel2" (or maybe three...four...)
Characterised by a slow seductive rhythm section with a heavy, groove laden bass sound, layered with dark vocals and tough guitar lines, Katie Kruel's music marks influences of the Melvins' style of sludge, as well as stoner and doom. Kruel2 sounds much more laid back of course: doom lounge music as it were ;-)
Katie Kruel released their album "The Rise And Fall Of Cannibal Planet" this year at Seja Records. Artwork for this album was provided by Silvia B. What a great opportunity to see them play between Silvia B.'s haunting art that may even let you take a look in the mirror of a circus in black.




Sunday 24th of November 14.00 - 17.00 uur
LOGMAN gallery, Nobelstraat 16, 3512 EN Utrecht, NL


StringStrang is a musical and visual project of the dutch artist Jan Kees Helms created by guitar, field-recordings and movies.
He will be doing his latest project ‘WAVES’ which is an integrated live session including video performance.

See here a short impression of ‘WAVES’



25 October - 30 November: ‘Against The Wall + Seja Basement Project’
"Seja Basement Project" is part of the exhibition "Against The Wall" at LOGMAN gallery for contemporary art. Seja co-curated this exhibition together with LOGMAN. In Seja's Basement Project work of Danië´lle Frenken, Jan Kees Helms and Hannah Mai is to be seen. First floor shows work by Mo Arab and Silvia B. These are all artists who made their work available for various Seja releases.

Seja's latest release "SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER" will be launched at the start of the exhibition. This and all other available Seja releases are available at LOGMAN.
"SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER" is co-curated by Nel Mertens (Luminous Dash).

Against The Wall - LOGMAN gallery

"Het sinistere als left-hand path langs de afgrond"
Lees hier het openingswoord door Nathalie Houtermans (zangeres van Katie Kruel, curator, initiator van interdisciplinaire kunstprojecten en kunst- en cultuurtheoreticus)



Today is the release of V/A - SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER
A musical document of desire, intrigue, aliens, unforeseen events and dark rituals.
Listen and buy at Bandcamp

V/A - Sing Me Something Sinister



Sololust - Complete Strangers, a song from the compilation vinyl record ‘Sing Me Something Sinister’ (SEJA 24)
video by Johan Buurke



New song: The REUTERS - The Force




The Reuters



m1nk - Do You Want Me (from ‘m1nk = em one en kay’, SEJA 23)
Also available on ‘Sing Me Something Sinister’ vinyl compilation (SEJA 24)




New video: m1nk - Love Sign




Video made by Johan Buurke for Képeslap




02-03-2019 Katie Kruel
New video uploaded by Katie Kruel titled ‘Asphyxiation’




is celebrated with special guests Silvia B., Teenage Slaves Of Satan and Thijs Meindertsma (Ayahuasca Dark Trip). Thijs Meindertsma is a Rotterdam based visual artist, currently working on sound art projects. Meindertsma will create a soundscape especially for Katie Kruel, which will be a prelude the the live presentation of The Rise And Fall Of Cannibal Planet.
It's all happening at V11 t/o 101 (it's on a ship!) on Friday 15 February. Doors open at 21.00.

21.00 hrs. venue open
21.30 hrs. Teeanage Slaves Of Satan
22.20 hrs. Soundscape Thijs Meindertsma
22.30 hrs. Katie Kruel

Katie Kruel
image: Martin Berlage

During the night you can enjoy projections of art works by Silvia B. who collaborated on the artwork of the album and merch.
Tickets are available at the door and online. Check for special deals Katie Kruel.



January 2019
Lyrics ‘Fear’, by The Reuters
The Reuters - Fear lyrics



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