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15-10-2017 Seja curates 3 radio shows for 'Zomaar Radio'.
In 2017 Seja curated 3 radio shows for ‘Zomaar Radio’. You can listen online to these shows by Idan Karutchi (SOPHYA), ImiAFan, Venin Carmin, Niton Decay, StringStrang and Seja himself.
StringStrang at 0:00:00 + Seja at 1:56:15

Niton Decay at 0:00:00 + Venin Carmin at 2:00:05

Imiafan at 0:00:00 + Idan Karucci at 2:01:00

Seja records Zomaar Radio

01-06-2017 Seja started a new sublabel: Noize Hunit. Read the Noize Hunit page!

Noize Hunit


17-01-2017 The Reuters
New video uploaded by The Reuters titled "Boggy Coypu Damn"


01-01-2017 Brand new! Fatal Casualties - Filter
Fatal Casualties - Filter


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