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Seja wishes you all a Happy New Year!
Thanks for your support and take care...

Seja wishes you a happy New Year!

13-12-2013 NEW: Seja T-shirt for boys (M, L, XL) and girls (S, M, L) 15,00 Euro

Seja T-shirt

08-12-2013 "Fatal Casualties - SITM Remixes " CD-single "Somewhere In The Middel / Laica + 3 remixes
Outstanding work is done by Team FaTal and the remixers. Two supurb new songs and three absolutely great remixes makes you feel you're listening to an album instead of a single. This journey lasts over 27 minutes! Release date will be the 8th of December this year.

Fatal Casualties - SITM Remixes


01-10-2013 "Fatal Casualties - Somewhere In The Middle" CD-single including remixes
A CD-single by Fatal Casualties is planned for the first of December this year. It's called "Somewhere In The Middle" and will contain the single edit of this song together with remixes by "Graue Substanz" (Traffic A.M.), Daniel B. (of Front 242 / Nothing But Noise) and Beate Bartel (Liaisons Dangereuses). "Laica" will be added as an extra track.

23-05-2013 "Niton Decay - Cage" OUT NOW!
Today we celebrate the release of the Niton Decay - Cage LP! Wow... They sound great and look good:-)
Thank you very much: Stefan Gonser, Michael Kissing, Jan Kees Helms, Ruud Lekx and Dietmar Terpstra.

You can order the LP here!

Niton Decay - Cage

01-05-2013 "Niton Decay"
Cool! Test pressings for the Niton Decay LP arrived... They sound supurb! This record will be pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies... not more and no re-presses... You can contact Seja from now for your pre-orders.

Niton Decay vinyl test pressing

18-04-2013 "Niton Decay"
We have to schedule the release of Niton Decay - Cage LP for the 15th of May. We are sure we're gonna make it! :-)

Niton Decay - Cage

25-03-2013 "Niton Decay "
Here's Niton Decay's new clip made by Stefan himself. Have a look and enjoy the music!

22-03-2013 "Niton Decay"
In a few days Niton Decay will lounge a video of “Deny The Decay” as a teaser for the upcoming album “Cage” which is scheduled at Seja for the 24th of April.

20-03-2013 "Fatal Casualties - Paria" OUT NOW!
Wow! It's the day of the official release and all is ready and done :-) All (paid) pre-orders are on their way. You can order the CD here. Have a look at the “Paria signing session” which is also a teaser for a new song called “Skrik Tyst”...

04-03-2012 "Fatal Casualties - Paria" Release date March 20th 2013
The CD will be released on the 20th of March. The Seja shop will be soon open for pre-orders to all. If you want to be sure to get a copy subscribe to Seja's newsletter at the site. You will get more info there in the next few days!

Fatal Casualties - Paria

25-02-2013 "Fatal Casualties - Paria" CD release on Seja records!
Seja can confirm that Fatal Casualties' "Paria" ep will be released as a limited CD digipack edition. Release date of this beauty will be March the 20th.

23-02-2013 "Niton Decay"
Due to health problems (don't panic it's a bad flue...) the album "Cage" is seriously delayed. There will be some final mixing to do. The album is scheduled now for April or maybe in early May. In the meantime Stefan will be working on a video of "Deny The Decay".

09-01-2013 "Niton Decay" / "Fatal Casualties"
Niton Decay's LP "Cage" and Fatal Casualties' CD "Paria" are expected to be released February/March... Stay tuned!

06-01-2013 "Niton Decay"
I am very happy to tell that Niton Decay finished the recording sessions for "Cage". There is still some mixing to be done, but we are not too far from the final steps


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