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30-12-2012 "Fatal Casualties"
Seja is proud to announce another upcoming release by our Swedish friends of Fatal Casualties. We will come with an ultra limited CD release of "Paria" before spring. The follow up as a vinyl release is planned later this year. More news when there is....

"Niton Decay"
The upcoming Niton Decay album will be titled "Cage". It's hard to give a sound defenition but be prepared for some dark and moody tunes.

12-11-2012 "Traffic A.M."
Finally! Traffic A.M. - Left Behind Left Within is out now!
Ltd. edition of 300 copies on black vinyl. Check soundsamples or order here.

1-11-2012 "Traffic A.M."
All problems are solved! The record will be pressed in the next few days...
So finally we have a defenitive
date of release: the 12th of November. Hope you are as excited as we are...
Pre-orders can be taken from now!

13-10-2012 "Traffic A.M."
Due to problems at the record plant the Traffic A.M. release will be delayed. The release is now scheduled for November the 1st...

30-09-2012 "Traffic A.M."
New video release “Sudden Crash” of the upcoming album by Traffic A.M.


29-09-2012 "Traffic A.M."
Release date of the Traffic A.M. album ‘Left Behind Left Within’ will be October the 19th! Pre-order the album now at Seja!

15-09-2012 "Traffic A.M."
Traffic A.M. will release their next video "Sudden Crash" within a few days. In the meanwhile everything is set and done for their upcoming vinyl record "Left Behind Left Within". Now it is the record plant's turn... The album is awaited somewhere in October.

14-07-2012 "Traffic A.M."
Traffic A.M. uploaded the video "Subway Story (Repetition)" from their forthcoming album "Left Behind Left Within"
that will be released by SEJA records.

07-06-2012 "Traffic A.M." & "Niton Decay"
Next releases on Seja will be by two German bands: "Traffic A.M" and "Niton Decay"

03-05-2012 "Soho Preachers"
We have overcome some problems... So finally the first Seja release is here! Soho Preachers come up with a smashing debut LP
called "Wake UP". See here for more details and soundsamples or buy in the shop!

17-02-2012 "Soho Preachers"
For the first vinyl edition by Seja records and Soho Preachers there will be a double debut release party...
And what a party it was at De Kelder, Amersfoort! You were there in large numbers to make it a memorable event.
Thanks to all of you who were there! We love you...


Soho Preachers - Wake Up vinyl LP
release party Soho Preachers


Have a look at some highlights of Soho Preachers vinyl release party.



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