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a state called faith, Boudoir, Chambre Froide, Das Ding, Fatal Casualties, Identity Theft, ImiAFan, Képeslap, Kompleta, Makina Girgir, Manic De{e}pression, Mängelexemplar, M.E.S.S.Y. and StrangString, Niton Decay, Poeme Electronique, Psyche, The Reuters, Schwarzblut, Selofan, Dario Seraval, Soho Preachers, Sophya, StringStrang, Synths Versus Me, THX 1971, Traffic A.M., Venin Carmin

Belgium: Wool-E-Shop

Germany: Kernkrach, Plastic Frog Records, Anna Logue records, NLW
Netherlands: Seja, Clear Spot
Spain: Domestica
, Infodisco
Sweden: Börft Records, Dödsdans Rekords, Hotstuff


Atemporal, Domestica, Kernkrach, Börft Records/Djuring Phonogram, Dödsdans Rekords, Plastic Frog Records, Anna Logue records, NLW Noize Hunit

Visual artists:
Jan Kees Helms
Maurice Hof
Daniëlle Frenken

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